Special Sessions - HPCS2018

The International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation

(HPCS 2018)

The 16th Annual Meeting

July 16 – 20, 2018

Orléans, France


http://hpcs2018.cisedu.info/ or http://cisedu.us/rp/hpcs18

Technically Sponsored by IEEE (Pending)

HPCS 2018 Special Sessions

  • SS01: Virtualization in High Performance Computing and Simulation (VIRT 2018)

  • SS02: Benchmarking and High Performance Computing for Applications and Optimization (HPBench 2018)

  • SS03: Biologically Inspired Parallel and Distributed Computing, Algorithms and Solutions (BICAS 2018)

  • SS04: Compiler Architecture, Design and Optimization (CADO 2018)

  • SS05: High Performance Services Computing and Internet Technologies (SerCo 2018)

  • SS06: Trusted Ubiquitous Networks & Multimedia Contents Protection (TUN-MM 2018)

  • SS07: Digital Home Networks & Ambient Intelligence (DHN-AmI 2018)

  • SS08: High Performance Parallel and Distributed Data Mining (PDDM 2018)

  • SS09: Internet of Things and HPC: Devices, Networks, and Applications (IoT-HPC 2018)

  • SS10: High Performance Mission Critical System Development (HiPMiC 2018)

  • SS11: Advances in Computational Methods in Electromagnetics (ACME 2018)

  • SS12: Fuzzy-based Simulation Approaches in Science and Engineering (FSASE 2018)